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25/05/2012:  New extension: Extended config.xml file for PhoneGap and DW CS6

Phonegap Build for Dreamweaver is awesome. If you have tested it you should start right now. However there was something that was driving me nuts:
The sample config.xml (the file that PhoneGap uses to fetch the app configuration options and permissions) is really poor.

I searched the PhoneGap wiki and all that I was able to found was a very simple example, so, every time I had to add/remove options to the config file the steps were:

  • Create a PhoneGap project
  • the default config.xml file is loaded
  • Search the PhoneGap Build documentation.
  • Find the right tag to edit the configuration option
  • Copy it
  • Paste it in my config.xml

There had to be something easier: I decided to create an extended config.xml with all the available options and a comment explaining what they do and their attributes. Now, the entire workflow is:

  • Create a new PhoneGap project
  • The extended config.xml is loaded
  • comment/uncomment the options I want to use following the instructions in the file itself or deleting them directly. Only required options are uncommented

You can get the extension and/or the xml file here

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