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25/10/2010:  Installing extensions: Troubleshooting

In the past months, I've seen lots of people complaining that some extensions didn't work on Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5. Well, not exactly: You install the extension by doulbe clicking on it, but when you start Dreamweaver the extension is not there.

If you have experienced this and you are using DW in a different language than your Operating System (eg: My OS is in Spanish, but I have the US version of Dreamweaver), you must go on reading this: I haven't tested it but I'm pretty sure it will happen with US and UK versions in the same computer.

Installing the extension the WRONG way: Double click on the mxp file or open Extension Manager

Installing the Extension the RIGHT way: Open Dreamweaver, go to Commands->Manage extensions... And wait for the Extension Manager to open. After that, you can install the extensions in the opened EM without problems

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