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30/04/2010:  Widget Browser Extensions for DW CS5

Dreamweaver is finally here, and a wonderful AIR app is here too: Adobe Widget Browser:

The Adobe® Widget Browser is an Adobe AIR® application that lets you preview and configure widgets using a visual interface. The Widget Browser solves the problem of having to work with confusing or obscure CSS and JavaScript by providing designers with a tool for editing widget properties to suit their needs.

I have made a couple of widgets I hope you will like for this release: Twitter Client and LightBox Gallery Widget.

The latter is just a port of the Lightbox Gallery widget for Dreamweaver CS4 (50,000 downloads so far)

Twitter Client is completely new, it's based of a fantastic script by M.Alsup with lots of options:

  • You don't need Server side code
  • You can configure almost anything, colors, dimensions, animations, the keyword you want to use (username, hashtag...)

Download Widget Browser now and start playing!

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