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Dreamweaver Extensions

These are some of my extensions. They are also available in the downloads area.

Thanks to:
->Public Domain, for their MXI File Packager, which has saved me lots of time building the mxi files in a snap.
->WebMonkey, For letting me use some of their code, for be so kind answering my questions and specially to Emily Baum, for being so patient with me.
->Massimo Foti  and Tom Muck: Great books, great articles and great replies in the forums.
->Paul Davis (Kaosweaver) Extension Building has been much easier thanks to his tutorials. You should visit his site and suscribe to his newsletter right now!
->Gareth and George (PHP made easy, thanks to them) 

24/05/2012: Extended config.xml file for Phonegap and Dreamweaver CS6  
If you have already built your first PhoneGapp app with Dreamweaver CS6 you should have already come across the problem: The config.xml provided by DW is really poor. This extension replaces that file by another one with all the available options for it, and they are also documented so:...[más]
30/06/2010: TinyMCE Editor for Dreamweaver  
The TinyMCE widget is a port of the popular TinyMCE Editor, the same one used in WordPress, ready to be added to any document using Adobe Widget Browser and Dreamweaver CS5. It gives you an easy way to add ...[más]
05/05/2010: Wordpress Translator (Beta)  
Dreamweaver CS5 Only!!!: This set of translators makes even easier to work with template pages in DW CS5: It translates some of the common functions in every WP template, the loop, the author's name, wp_list_pages, wp_list_categories... ...[más]
14/02/2009: MarkitUp HTML Editor  
DW CS4 only:This widget is based on the MarkitUp plugin for jQuery by Jay Salvat. It adds an HTML editor to your web page. I'm not looking at anybody, but Jay is accepting donations for this great job, BTW... Please note: This is not...[más]
18/11/2008: ThickBox Gallery Widget  
DW CS4 only. This widget allows you to add a thickbox (modal window) to your images. Even more, it will let you create a whole gallery using the thickbox. You can see a demo here ...[más]
23/10/2008: Dynamic Dependant Dropdown Menus  
PHP/MySQL,ASP-VBScript,ASP-JavaScript and JSP Server Models . Dreamweaver MX, MX2004, DW8, DW CS3, DW CS4, CS5 and DW CS5.5 compatible With this extension you can build up to five dependant dropdown menu lists (that is, collection of menu lists where every men...[más]
08/07/2008: PHP Help  
Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4/ Windows.  This extension installs the PHP Manual in CHM format with two options to use it:   ...[más]
21/12/2006: PHP RSS Reader  
DW MX, MX2004 and DW8. PHP_MySQL Server Model: With this extension you can add RSS Readers to your documents without writing a single line of code. There are lots of excellent classes to parse RSS files, but I wanted something that could be used with DW in design view, to...[más]
22/09/2006: PHP Captcha Image  
PHP_MySQL Server Model: With this extension you can add a captcha image to those insert/update dynamic forms generated by Dreamweaver. A captcha image is one of the best solutions to avoid spam bots that use your forms to fill the web (or your db records) with spam. The...[más]
11/08/2005: sIFR Replace Statement  
Some time ago, thanks to a Breeze Presentation made by Danilo Celic, I first heard about sIFR and I liked it a lot. sIFR is the...[más]
24/05/2005: Random Region  
Permite mostrar de forma aleatoria el contenido de una región. Su funcionamiento está basado en el del comportamiento de servidor "Repeat Region", por lo que se utiliza de misma forma y tiene las mismas limitaciones (no se puede repetir para el mismo recordset, por ejemplo). Selecciona un...[más]
22/06/2004: PHP Dynamic Thumbnail  
PHP/MySQL Server Model: With this extension you can generate thumbnails from the image names stored in your database.  Besides, it can open the original image in a popup window and display an optional image if there are errors (if image is not stored in the folder or the database f...[más]
27/05/2004: Visual Aids Toolbar  
Personally, I find this extension for DW MX very useful when working in design view. Using it, you can Show/Hide different elements in the document. All the options are available in DW menus but I noticed that: They're in different menus, so sometimes it's h...[más]
23/01/2004: PHP Recordset Paging Status  
DWMX and PHP/MySQL Server Model: This extension adds two more server behaviors to display the status of a Repeat Region. By default, with Dreamweaver you can use "Display Starting Record Number", "Display Last Record Number" and "Display To...[más]
08/09/2003: PHP Random Image  
With this extension you can put a random image into your document without the need of storing the names in a mysql database. The code will scan your selected folder (and subfolders, if you want to) and will select one random image. You don't have to modify the extension's parame...[más]
03/09/2003: Fast Link Styles  
Fast Link Styles is an extension made to help all those people who want to know "How do I remove the underline in my links and change their color when I put the cursor over them?". Well this extension will help them: Now they just have to choose which colors they want to use,&nbs...[más]
02/09/2003: PHP Server Formats  
 Macromedia Approved Extension. Dreamweaver MX, MX2004, DW8, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 compatible: This extension adds more server formats to the "Format" column in the Data Bindings Panel. You'll have n...[más]
17/07/2003: PHP Advanced Random Thumbnails  
With this extension you can create and display a thumbnail for a random image from a selected folder. The extension contains 2 Server Behaviors, accessible at Server Behaviors' panel->Tecnorama->Advanced Random Thumbnails: 1.- "Primary Random Thumbnail" Use this Serve...[más]
06/07/2003: PHP and JSP Convert into Included File  
This extension (available for PHP and JSP Server Models) reduces the steps needed to create an included file from the content of the original document. In DW's enviroment, you have to follow these steps to create an included file: Select the desired content. Cut the ...[más]
30/01/2003: PHP Elapsed Time  
This extension calculates the time between two Unix Timestamp dates and give the result in a "human readable" format (years, months, days, hours and minutes). As an example, it can be useful to display the time passed since last login -if you stored it in a cookie or into your da...[más]
18/01/2003: Auto Numbered Records  
Macromedia Approved Extension: This extension gives the ability to number each row in a Repeat Region. The extension also "remembers" the last number written so, if you are using the Recordset Navigation Bar, ...[más]
18/12/2002: PHP Pie Chart  
PHP Pie Chart: Just for DMX and php_mysql Server Model: This extension will let you create pie charts (using percentages) from a Recordset.The extension won't create the Recordset: It just draws the chart according to the results. The recordset must return, at least, a field...[más]
18/12/2002: Cookie Suite  
Cookie Suite (DW4 / UD / DWMX) is an improved version,built under WPL (Webmonkey Public License) of "Cookie behaviors", which was created by Webmonkey for DW2. Some bugs have been fixed to allow its use in DW4 and DWMX and new features have been added: ...[más]
18/12/2002: Multi Language Date-Time  
DW MX y PHP (Any Server Model): With this extension you can add current date and time to your documents, choosing among 20 different formats.  Also, you can choose the language in which the date should be displayed: Up to 5 different languages are supported: English, Spanish, German, swedish...[más]
21/08/2002: Mini PHP Login Suite  
Para DWMX / PHP_MySQL: incorpora 4 comportamientos que no vienen incluidos en DWMX para este modelo de servidor: Login User, Logout User, Restrict Access to Page y Check New Username.No obstante, tiene algunas limita...[más]
26/06/2002: Make Layer Sizes Equal  
Es una extensión bastante sencilla, pero que en algunas ocasiones puede ser útil.Supongamos que tienes varias capas que deben tener las mismas medidas: Hasta ahora podías seleccionarlas y ajustar en el inspector un ancho y un alto común para todas ellas.Mi problema era que estaba cansado,...[más]
21/05/2002: Subir archivos con PD Online Editor  
Esto,más que una extensión, es simplemente una demo de cómo funciona un sistema de subida de archivos para el PDOnline editor, de confección "casera". Esta basado en un script para PHP y en una idea de Carlos (gracias). Si alguien está interesado después de verlo, puede pedírmelo (leer más a...[más]
18/04/2002: Repeated Form Objects  
Repeated Form Objects es un objeto que permite insertar varios botones de radio o casillas deverificación a la vez, sin tener que repetir todo el proceso para cada una de ellas. ...[más]
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