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PHP Captcha Image

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PHP_MySQL Server Model: With this extension you can add a captcha image to those insert/update dynamic forms generated by Dreamweaver.

A captcha image is one of the best solutions to avoid spam bots that use your forms to fill the web (or your db records) with spam. The method is quite simple: the user must type a security code that is displayed as an image in your form. This way, you can be (almost) sure that it's a human who is filling the form and not an automated bot.

You can see a basic demo here.

Using the extension is quite simple:

1.- Add a dynamic insert or update form generated by DW: From your 'Application' tab in the insertbar, select either the 'insert record' or 'update record' button:

2.- When the form is generated, add an extra field, that will be used to enter the security code:

3.- Place the cursor where you want the image. Open the 'Server Behaviors' panel and select the 'Captcha Image' option. You will see this window:

It's quite simple to understand: enter the image's width and height, the color used for background, noise and text, the number of security characters and the form's textfield name where the security code will be entered by the user.

4.- It's done!: You will see the image placeholder in your form:

5.- When you execute the document, you will see the generated image:

After that, the form will be processed only if the user enters the code displayed in the image correctly.

Requirements: You need:
- Dreamweaver 8 although it should work with DW MX and above
- A server with GD library installed
- Session support.
- Also, the image uses 'verdana.ttf' font: If you see the image but you don't see the code, just upload the 'verdana.ttf' file attached to the extension to the same folder as your php file.
- The folder where the document will be executed must have write permisions.

Notice to French users: The site asp-php.net has a great tutorial on creating a form that explains really well how this extension works (thanks, Jean Pierre!)

Version History:
Version: 1.0.2 (Current):Fixed IE bug that might cause the caching of the image.
Version: 1.0.1: Fixed wrong reference to the font used (arial.ttf when it should be verdana.ttf) and fixed the notice thrown when error reporting is set to take care of notices (nothing serious, but it can be quite annoying). Thanks again to Jean Pierre for the help
You can download latest version fllowing this link

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