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Multi Language Date-Time

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DW MX y PHP (Any Server Model): With this extension you can add current date and time to your documents, choosing among 20 different formats.  Also, you can choose the language in which the date should be displayed: Up to 5 different languages are supported: English, Spanish, German, swedish and French.
It has an interesting feature: it will let you display the date in the browser's default language: If your visitor is German, date will be shown in german, if he/she is French, it will be shown in French.
Over 20 different Date formats are included.

  ¿How does it work?
The extension has 3 fields to select: Date Format, Language and Default Language.
"Default language" is only needed if you Select "Browser Detect" in the second field. This way you can choose which language should be used by default if visitor's language weren't one of the list.

You can see some examples here, in different languages and formats.

Click here to download the extension

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5.- How can I use the extension in repeated regions?

Tecnorama says:It wouldn't make much sense, since you will display the same date as many times as your number of records... However, it's quite simple: use it where you want to display the date and apply the repeat region as always.
Good idea: I'll try to build one to use it with a recordset.

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