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PHP and JSP Convert into Included File

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This extension (available for PHP and JSP Server Models) reduces the steps needed to create an included file from the content of the original document.

In DW's enviroment, you have to follow these steps to create an included file:

  1. Select the desired content.
  2. Cut the selection.
  3. Open a new document.
  4. Delete all HTML code from the new document.
  5. Paste the selection.
  6. Save the new document.
  7. Add the path to the included file in the original document.

Using this extension all you have to do is:

  1. Select the desired content.
  2. Run the "PHP->Convert into included file" command added by the extension. 
  3. Select where you want to save the new file.

The extension does it all: It creates the new file, cut and paste the selection (or copy and paste, if you just want to create the file without including it) and adds the required code in the original document to link the included file

¿Where are the advantages? Well, you can work in just one document and, when it's finished, you can export parts of it as included files for future reuse. Or you can use this document as a Template for included files.

Requirements: The original document must have been previously saved and be part of a defined site, to avoid local paths (as it happens with images). After you have saved it, the extension will write relative paths to the included file without problems.
Table cells and table rows are not allowed for inclusion: you will have to save the whole table.

However, you can export safely:

  • The contents of a cell.
  • Nested tables.
  • Images
  • Form elements (or the whole form, if you want to)Sí puedes convertir el contenido de una celda,
  • Scripts
  • CSS styles...

Notice to French users: Thanks to Jean-Luc Bertrand, one of the guys behind  FlashXpress.net, You can read an excellent tutorial about this extension in French

Download JSP Version

Download PHP Version


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